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Get Your Controller Fixed with R&D Electronics Inc.

     Our current product line, is the RD1600 series, replaces our popular legacy controllers (1200, 1400 and 200 series) with the end-user in mind. Preserving the essential features of the legacy controls, particularly the user-friendly interface, is a must for all our controls for the past 40 years. This allows the end user to make a seamless transition from the older controls, such as the RD1200, to the RD1600, from installation up to the user operation

Download 1600 Series Product Brochure

RD1606/M Hard-Wired Steam Boiler Control


  • On/Off steam averaging boiler control

  • Up to six (6) remote hard-wired sensors for indoor averaging.

  • Outdoor override sensor shuts down the boiler during warm weather

  • Day/Night/Midday schedule allows up to three (3) different setpoints at different periods of the day.

  • Drop Warmest / Coldest  removes warmest or coldest sensor to stabilize the average temperature

  • Cold Weather Boost detects weather changes and automatically adjusts the setpoint, in response to sudden drop/rise in outside temperature

  • Data logging for boiler runtimes and selected sensor temperature provides data monitoring, which is useful during troubleshooting.

  • RD1606M model – This is the 2-stage model of the RD1606. It can control up to two (2) stages, or a Lo/Hi setup. It includes vacuum pump control for 2-pipe systems.

1612RF/M Wireless Steam Boiler Control


  • Includes all the features of the RD1606  (except for the Drop Warmest/Coldest feature and number of sensors)

  • Up to twelve (12) remote wireless sensors for indoor averaging; the first three (3) sensor inputs allowing for either a hard-wired or wireless sensor

  • Signal strength monitoring  is included for each wireless sensor 

  • 7-year estimated battery life for the wireless sensors

  • High-powered repeaters can be integrated for commercial high-rise buildings. A survey module is recommended to optimize sensor and repeater locations.

  • Heat cycle protection detects a weak sensor signal that may momentarily drop in and out of the Active Average Temperature Range. 

  • 1612RFM model – This is the 2-stage model of the 1612RF. It can control up to two (2) stages, or a Lo/Hi setup. It includes vacuum pump control for 2-pipe systems.

RD1632 / 1634 Hot Water Boiler Control


  • Outdoor Reset method adjusts the water setpoint based on outside temperature. Range is from +70 F to -10 F.

  • 1,2,3,4 Stage configurations depending on the model

  • Night Setback lowers the water setpoint based on outside temperature to maximize fuel savings

  • Morning Boost allows for heat recovery before the start of the Day schedule

  • Room Temperature Monitoring (optional) allows up to 3 room sensors to be used to check indoor temperatures.

  • Auto Boiler Rotation changes lead/lag boiler sequence to prevent boiler wear-and-tear

  • Adjustable Minimum Water Temperature Limit for non-condensing boilers.

  • RD1632 model for a maximum of 2 stages.

  • RD1634 model for a maximum of 4 stages.

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